Friday, July 31, 2015

Pool time fun with the kiddo!!

I decided to take my lad out to the pool before I miss out on all this summer sun! He is afraid of the water but he enjoys it. I figure if we spend more time in the water he will begin to get use to it. I love being in the water, it is easy on my knees and it is so calming. I need to take him out more. The world is so big and we have not even touched the tip of the iceberg! Pool fun= $0
Happy child=Priceless.

There are so many ways to  have fun with your child without spending money. Pool fun is one of the ways! Happy summer folks.Kisses

Birthday boy!

Time flies when you are busy living life!
We just recently celebrated Joshua's 2nd bday. He has grown up so fast and I thank God that he is a happy baby! That makes life easier. Lol There is never a dull moment with this lad. I pray that God continue to help me in raising him to be a well rounded human being.
                                                      How cute is he?


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Jesus Freaks are all invited

Ok! I am so excited about my shirt design.. yea!! click on the link below to get your shirts today.
thanks and remain blessed.

Monday, March 30, 2015

There is no substitute for hard work! My Monday motivation!

This life is so hard sometimes, and we are constantly working hard to reach our goals. There are certain people that we meet along the way that provide us with motivation to keep going. That person for me lately is Kincie Farnell.
I met Kincie over 10 years ago in college. We became instead friends, and those that know me from back then know that I do not make friend easily. LOL. She always had a way of making me laugh, she could walk across campus singing and being silly. She helped bring me out of my shell. I watched her go through so much in school with the music program, but through it all she was always optimistic. I remember one summer when we working at Barry university. I would go with her while she practiced her vocals at the chapel. God blessed her with such and amazing voice that I would lay on the pews, listening to her sing and tears would just stream down my face. She never knew that, but her voice use to move me to tears!
 She has always been a strong woman from our college years. She never let all the circumstances she faced derailed her from her dreams! I have watched her accomplish her dreams while raising her son. I am sure it has not always been easy for her but she did not quit.

For all you have done and continue to do, Kincie Farnell, I celebrate you today. You are my #MondayMotivation. You inspire me to keep working hard to realize my dreams. You are the perfect example of not letting the weight of the world get you down. You are an example of setting goals and taking steps to meeting those goals. Thank you friend! You never know whose life you are touching while you are doing what you were destined to do.
Everybody needs motivation! Who or what is your motivation?

Peace and Love, Rock steady!

Monday, March 2, 2015

You are an OVERCOMER!!

The most amazing thing happened to me just now as I was sitting down to write my post for the week. My thoughts all last week was about being an OVERCOMER. I had been hearing a song on the radio but I could never catch who sang the song. So just now I went to Google to get the Webster definition of the word overcomer, which by the way means: to defeat (someone or something): to successfully deal with or gain control of (something difficult): Anyways, the first thing on the search result was this song that I have been hearing all week on the radio. “Overcomer” by Mandisa. I busted into tears like a big ole baby .OMG! I have been looking for this song all week!! You see how God works? At the appointed time he allowed me to find the song now I can’t stop playing it...Lol I digress…

I reflected on my life this past 19 months and I realized that I have come so far by the grace of God. So much good things are happening in my life and I take God for it. I will not beat myself up over it because I deserve it!! So do not all the devil to make you feel as if you do not deserve good things in your life! You are worth it! Remember that!
One day last week after I got off work, I went to pick up my son at daycare; I stood by the window of his classroom watching him play, I was filled with emotion as I was remembering the struggle I faced before, during and after his birth.

 My son was a preemie, he came almost two months early due to the stress and emotional turmoil I was going through. But as watched him play, I saw no sign of his early birth all I saw was a strong, happy boy full of life! At that moment, forgot about the days and nights I struggled to take care of him. The pain of being all alone, with no help in sight. The 5am treks to the bus in freezing temperatures just to drop him off with a stranger, so that I could work just months after giving birth via C-section. I will never trade those days for anything. It has made me stronger and an OVERCOMER. I share pieces of me to encourage others. Know that you are not alone, he is your footprint in the sand and you too are an overcomer.
Every single one of us are an overcomer believe it or not! There is something in your life that you were able to overcome. Do not doubt yourself, appreciate the process because bigger and better things await you!
 I thank God every day for the grace and strength he has given me. For being the FOOTPRINT in the sand. The battle is far from over but right now, I am an OVERCOMER!!!

Peace and love! Rock steady!


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