Wednesday, November 12, 2014

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Investigation Into Jet Crash That Killed Prominent Pastor Myles Munroe Set to Begin

I was in shock when I heard this tragic story. I remember listening to Pastor Myles Monroe growing up. Such a tragic ending to an amazing life along with his wife and those on the plane. This tragedy  continues to reaffirm that this life is not promised for anyone. No one is except from an ending, we all have an expiration date. The real tragedy would be what kind of life did we live while on earth? did we touch any lives or did we live for our own selfish gains? if you have given your life over to God, this is the perfect opportunity
to do so.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

November rocks! yea!

GOODBYE October! I am so glad to see you go! You were so cruel to me you hurt my feeling and made me cry too many times. You made me sick and you cared less about how I survived. When next we meet you will be great to me. You will make up to me all the pain you caused me in 2013 .You will become one of my friends! You will never hurt me again. I do thank you for the life lessons you taught me. Thank you for pushing me closer to God. Thank you for showing me that without God I am nothing. I will never forget all the lessons you taught me. BYE!! Ok then November will take it from here thanks!!

WELL HELLOOO NOVEMBER! My birth month. My favorite month of them all, oh how I have longed to meet you again. SIGH…. I am so happy you have come back to bring me sunshine. I am confidently walking into you expecting all the blessing you have in store for me. I know I will cry tears in November but it will be tears of joy and gladness. You will be full of celebrations, thanksgivings, realizations of dreams and a new love story! AHA.   I thank God for choosing you November to bring me into this world. Oh how I love thee! #leggoo

Monday, October 27, 2014

Unapologetic, Christie Frees Nurse From Ebola Quarantine

 “My job is not to represent her. My job is to represent the people of New Jersey.” Yes! I am with the Gov. on this particular issue. He is trying to keep the majority safe. So nurse, please do not make this about you.. Go with the flow and then go home. Thank you for your service though..#smh

Even as New Jersey officials released a nurse they had kept quarantined in a tent since her return from treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, an unapologetic Gov. Chris Christie dismissed those who questioned his handling of the case and denied that he had reversed himself.
The nurse, Kaci Hickox, 33, who had been working with Doctors Without Borders, became the first public test case for a mandatory quarantine that both Mr. Christie and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York announced on Friday.
Ms. Hickox’s lawyer, Steven Hyman, said that she had been released midday Monday from University Hospital in Newark. A hospital spokeswoman said that two black sport utility vehicles with tinted windows were headed to Maine, with the patient as a passenger in one. The spokeswoman, Stacie Newton, declined to say where in Maine the convoy was going, or whose vehicles they were.
The nurse’s departure, enshrouded in secrecy, capped a whirlwind four days in which Ms. Hickox criticized Gov. Christie’s quarantine policy, hired a legal team to defend her civil rights and had the governor defending a policy that he announced in association with New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo.

After 2nd shooting victim dies, Washington school struggles, mourns

No place is safe nowadays! Are children are being killed, abused and neglected. The only sure thing is to cover your children with prayers as they head out into the world. Live each day as it was your last because we are not promised any days in this world. Take in each moment, love on your family, and learn to forgive and let go of the past.

Washington high school is still coming to grips with how to return to normalcy after a second student victim died over the weekend after a campus shooting last Friday. Gia Soriano, 14, who was shot in the head when classmate Jaylen Fryberg took a gun into the Marysville-Pilchuck High School cafeteria and opened fire, died at a hospital Sunday night.
Another student who died on the day of the shooting was identified Monday as Zoe R. Galasso, 14, by the Snohomish County medical examiner's office.
Fryberg, 15, a freshman football player, died after shooting himself in the head, the medical examiner concluded Monday, calling his death a suicide.
Three more students remained hospitalized and were in critical to satisfactory condition.
"We are devastated by this senseless tragedy," Soriano's family said in a statement Sunday night. "Gia is our beautiful daughter and words cannot express how much we will miss her. We’ve made the decision to donate Gia’s organs so that others may benefit. Our daughter was loving, kind and this gift honors her life."

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